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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
BARZ XTRA Frozen Banana
BARZ XTRA Frozen Banana
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    Frozen Banana


    1250 puffs (5ml)

    Banana Ice is such a popular flavor, just about every big name disposable brand features it. The BARZ XTRA Frozen Banana is a delightful experience. The quality of the e-liquid is worthy of the BARZ name, and we love the XTRA device because the performance improvements really boost the flavor. You'll get a mix of creamy banana with a cool icy finish. If you're looking for a really good quality device in a banana ice flavor, this is a great buy because it boasts 5ml of e-liquid, good for more than 1,000 puffs. That's 4x more than the original BARZ disaposable.

    What's included:
    1 BARZ XTRA disposable device

    5% salt nicotine
    Volume: 5ml (1250 puffs)
    Battery: unknown

    Vegetable Glycerin
    Propylene Glycol
    Natural & Artificial Flavors

    E-Liquid origin: China
    Device origin: China

    About BARZ XTRA

    All fans of the original BARZ agree the strength of the brand lies in the quality of their flavor. After collecting a rapidly growing and extremely devoted following, BARZ improved upon their success with the BARZ XTRA. What makes the BARZ XTRA so good is the combination of a vastly improved device with a much larger capacity. At 5ml of e-liquid for 1,250 puffs, it's an extraordinary value upgrade and a much more reliable device. To top it off, BARZ didn't forget to bring the flavor. If you're looking for a great experience from a brand built on flavor to get the BARZ XTRA today.

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