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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Pop Bar Peach Ice Cream
Pop Bar Peach Ice Cream
    Pop Bar

    Peach Ice Cream


    Peach Ice Cream by Pop HIT is a brilliant take on the Peach Ice flavor. It's packed with plenty of ice, and a very rich peach flavor. It's important to note that this is an icy peach flavor, with only the slightest bit of cream. We highly recommend this if you enjoy peach ice and you're looking for a fresh take on the flavor. It's a truly innovative flavor profile from Pop HIT; one that's refreshing and delicious.

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    5% salt nicotine
    Volume: 1.2ml
    Battery: unknown

    USP Propylene Glycol
    USP Vegetable Glycerin
    USP Salt Nicotine
    Natural & Artificial Flavors

    E-Liquid origin: unknown
    Device origin: China

    About Pop Bar


    Pop Bar blasted onto the disposable vape scene in late 2019. They boast a rich flavor variety from classic to tropical. In the crowded field of disposables, Pop Bar has emerged as a legitimate contender with lasting power. In 2020, Pop Vapor rebranded their line to Pop HIT.

    Tap here to check out the official Pop HIT website at https://popvapor.com.

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