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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Puff Plus Mixed Berries
Puff Plus Mixed berries
    Puff Plus

    Mixed Berries


    GetPop verifies every shipment of Puff Plus with the official Puff Bar website via authentication code. We do this to ensure that every Puff Plus you receive from us is guaranteed to be authentic. Verify your Puff Plus at PuffBar.com.

    You just have to try the Puff Plus Mixed Berries. The berry flavor really shines through. Crisp and refreshing, we love this new flavor addition to the Puff Bar lineup. Blue Razz is the closest comparable here, and it's just as delicious. Even better, it comes with more than twice the e-liquid of the standard Puff Bar. If you're looking for more for your money and a longer lasting device, the Puff Plus Mixed Berries is definitely for you.

    What's included:
    1 Puff Plus disposable device

    5% salt nicotine
    Volume: 3.2ml
    Battery: 550mAh

    Vegetable Glycerin
    Propylene Glycol
    Natural & Artificial Flavors

    E-Liquid origin: China
    Device origin: China

    About Puff Plus


    Puff Plus is the extra large sibling from the team at Puff Bar. Filled with 3.2ml of e-liquid, it's more than twice the volume of the standard Puff Bar. Cylindrical in shape, the Puff Plus still manages to fit comfortably in your hand. Fans like the duck-bill mouthpiece for an easy fit. If you love Puff Bar and you're looking for a longer lasting experience or just try something new, the Puff Plus is for you.

    The GetPop tasting team found 2 interesting things about the Puff Plus that you should know:
    • First, we noticed that some of the devices really needed an extra powerful drag to really get a quality hit. Over time this can be cumbersome.
    • Second, while the device is going to last longer, a lot of people don't actually want that. Feedback has been that the higher volume devices like Puff Plus tend to fade over time. Getting that fresh hit out of the package is precious, so many of us actually like having that fresh hit come sooner, even if that means buying more devices, or buying more frequently.

    The Puff Plus is definitely worth a try so that you can find out for yourself if it's a good match for you.

    Check out the Puff Plus website at https://puffbar.com/.

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