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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System (White)
Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System (White)
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    Zero (White)


    If you like disposables but you're looking for a better alternative, the Zero pod system is for you. First, it's much more reliable and cost-effective than disposables. Second, you can pick any salt nicotine e-liquid with this device. Lastly, it's better for the environment.

    While most of us know and love disposable vape devices, there are a few problems with them. They're notoriously unreliable. It's difficult to know when it's about to run out. Popular flavors are often sold-out, and the prices for them keep going up. Low-nicotine options are difficult to find. It's terrible for the environment, because the battery of every single disposable has to be thrown away. Lastly, at $10 to $14 per disposable, they are incredibly expensive.

    The Zero device solves all of these issues. Here's how it works. The Zero system comes with a rechargeable battery, a power cable, and 1 empty pod. Pair this system with any salt-nicotine e-liquid, such as those made by VGOD SaltNic, fill the pod, and that's it. Even better, salt-nicotine flavors come in both 2.5% and 5% nicotine.

    How does the cost compare? The standard disposable device with 1.2ml of e-liquid for $9.99 means that we're paying $8.33 per ml. The pods and e-liquid cost less than $2 per ml. It's an incredible cost savings.

    We highly recommend the Zero for its performance, reliability, and design.

    Keep in mind that the pod is good for up to 5 fills.  You'll need to buy replacement pods, which come in packs of 2.

    PRO TIP: on every new pod's first fill, be sure to let the e-liquid sit in the filled pod overnight. This is extremely important to ensure that the pod is working properly.

    What's included:
    1 - Zero device
    1 - Zero Pod (empty)
    1 - USB charging cable

    Technical specifications:
    650mAh battery
    2ml pod, 1.0-ohm resistance

    Designed in California
    Made in China

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