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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vibez Frosted Peach Raspberry
Vibez Frosted Peach Raspberry
Vibez Frosted Peach Raspberry
    Vibez 3500

    Frosted Peach Raspberry


    Up to 3,500 puffs (9ml)
    Adjustable Airflow (via dial)
    Rechargeable via USB Type C cable (not included)
    E-Liquid Made in USA

    Click or tap here for USB Type C cable to recharge your Vibez.

    NOTE: be sure to wait 5 minutes after activating your Vibez. Failure to do this will ruin the device and result in a burnt vape.

    Vibez Frosted Peach Raspberry is a true original. Exclusively made by Vibez, this rich blend of sweet peach and tangy raspberry is spectacular. We love the light touch of ice that makes the flavor cool and refreshing. The Vibez disposable pod device is a first of its kind, featuring 9ml of e-liquid, 4 adjustable airflow settings, and a rechargeable battery to ensure a lasting experience!

    What's included:
    1 Vibez rechargeable disposable device
    USB Type C cable is not included

    5% salt nicotine
    Volume: 9ml (up to 3,500 puffs)
    Battery: Rechargeable

    Vegetable Glycerin
    Propylene Glycol
    Natural & Artificial Flavors
    Nicotine (5% concentration)

    E-Liquid origin: USA
    Device origin: China

    About Vibez

    Vibez is the first of its kind. This rechargeable disposable device features 4 adjustable airflow settings and a transparent e-liquid tank to deliver an amazing flavor experience. Filled with 9ml of American-made e-liquid, the Vibez rechargeable is designed to last. Vibez is based in Alhambra, California.

    Tap here to check out the Vibez website at https://www.vibezpod.com/.

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