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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
VGOD POD 1500 Iced Mango Bomb | GetPop
VGOD POD 1500 Iced Mango Bomb | GetPop
VGOD Pod 1500

Iced Mango Bomb


Up to 1,500 puffs (4ml)

NOTE: VGOD Pod 1500 (5% nicotine) is the larger and improved version of the original STIG (6% nicotine)

VGOD Pod 1K Iced Mango Bomb features one of the most popular flavors by VGOD SaltNic. The mango is sweet but not too sweet, the ice is cool but not too icy. The result is easily one of the best mango ice flavors that's an absolute must try. The VGOD Pod 1500 is the upgraded version of the original VGOD Pod 1K disposable device made by the team behind the STIG disposable device. We love the improved performance and reliability. All VGOD Pod 1500 and VGOD Pod 1K devices feature the high quality liquids made by VGOD SaltNic.

What's included:
1 VGOD Pod 1K 1500 disposable device

5% salt nicotine
Volume: 4ml (up to 1,500 puffs)

Vegetable Glycerin
Propylene Glycol
Nicotine (5.0%)
Natural & Artificial Flavors

Made in China

About VGOD Pod 1K (1500 puffs)

VGOD Pod 1500 (VGOD Pod 1K, 1,500 puffs edition) is the new, bigger, and better device from the team that brought the original STIG disposable device. If you already enjoy STIG, then you will love the new VGOD Pod 1500, which feature the same flavors made by VGOD SaltNic.