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5 Reasons Skip the Shop and Get Pop

by Mario Aguayo on November 29, 2019


    Smoking has reached a new era. We’re transitioning from an era of sitting next to someone on a park bench, deep in thought, reeking of cigarettes to a time where you turn your head and you see a cloud, immersing you in the smell of cool mint.

In this modern age of convenience, we want variety and we want it delivered to our doorstep. With Get Pop! you can have your pods delivered to your job, house, or your favorite local bar.


That’s half the reason we all switched to vaping in the first place. You can choose from cucumber, mango, fruit medley, and more with Get Pop! See you later Camel Crush and HELLLLLOOOOOO blueberry.

2. Thanks, but I just want my pods.

Oh, you want pods? Well get in your car, drive to the shop, look for parking, wait in line behind 5 other people, and finally when it's your turn hope they have your product in stock. OR...You can just visit the website and have your pods delivered by your lunch break. Be smart with your time and let Pop bring your pods to you!

3. We're here for You.

Say you did drive to the local vape shop on your lunch break, but the vape shop didn’t even have the pods you were looking for. Now you’ve wasted your hour and still no pods! We all need a brand that can be trusted for dependability - with instant delivery of your favorite smoking products, 24/7 online support and 5-day return policy for any of those leaky pod issues.

4. Consistent Pricing 👍

Avoid those crazy markups at the local vape shops. Maybe your Juul broke and you need a new one ASAP. Get Pop’s prices are dependable and will never face a “surcharge” due to supply and demand. Prices are standardized to make sure you’re consistently offered the best value.

5. Pop is where you are. 🛵💨

Whether you’re relaxing at home, putting extra hours at the office, having dinner with a client or enjoying happy hour at your favorite bar, Pop will come to you! With delivery windows as quick as 30 minutes, there’s no reason to head to the shop just get Pop!