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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Notes About Vaping

by Mario Aguayo on November 30, 2019


    If youʼre like us, youʼd agree that vaping is as satisfactory of an activity as laying on the beach on a warm day and petting a soft puppy at the same time. We enjoy it socially and during our private moments of solitude. We enjoy the packaging, the colors and the flavor variety and weʼre always trying to discover whatʼs the greatest and latest (have you received any of our flavor samples in your order?)

But, there is a learning process to all of this and if you want to avoid some annoying side effects, keep reading!

“Itʼs all about the method of delivery, the quantity of nicotine and the userʼs behavior”

“Ouch! My throat is hurting!”

Getting a sore throat from vaping can happen, so donʼt worry, youʼre not alone! Good news is, the fix can be really simple. Here are some of the causes of sore throat followed by a quick solution:


Vapor smoking is not an adequate source of hydration. Yes, it does involve liquids, but when you vape, you do nothing for your bodyʼs need for water. You might find that some puffs take the natural moisture out of your throat.

How to fix it?

Up your intake of water big time, before, during and after vaping to prevent it.

Throat Hit

Some puffs can produce a strong, powerful hit, and it can leave the throat feeling dry, irritated, scratchy and/ or sore in users not accustomed to it. In some rare cases,

How to fix it?

Be patience while you adjust to vaping. Donʼt over vape and take a break here and there!

Tips to help relieve vaping related injuries


Nicotine Strength

Vaping and smoking, despite their many similarities, are different. Choosing a nicotine level that resonates with your body, while also satisfying your cravings can prove tricky at first. If you have a sore throat from vaping, as well as a vape cough, feel nauseous, and/ or lightheaded, your nicotine strength may be too high.

The Fix

Check your level, and adjust as needed.

Vaping Style

Long and slow is NOT the way to go, like with traditional cigarettes. Deep draws can definitely leave your throat burning, tingling, or sore.

The Fix

Short and quick puffs, with drags lasting about 2-3 seconds is ideal.

Vaping Frequency

Vaping can be intensely pleasurable, however overdoing it can be detrimental. If your throat is sore, and youʼve checked all the above fixes, maybe youʼre just having a little too much fun with your vapor?

The Fix

Put the brakes on your passion for vaping, and puff a little less often. Hard, we know, but your throat will thank you!